herbal highs (pt 2)

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Well… who’d of thought my random ramblings would become a source of semi-usefull information!?

Checking my webstats the other day, it turns out quite a few people have found my entry on herbal highs… I hadn’t realised how little information is really out there.. I was also suprised to learn that this site comes up on the first page of a few search terms like “piperine blend” on google!

I’ve had a couple of emails, saying thanks and asking for more links to info… so here you are:

The company that makes the brand I used, have some information on their products in this herbal highs FAQ… this refers to BZP which is how (with a bit of detective work) I found some of the other links, once I knew that the main active ingredient was from the piperazine family.

I’ve only found one of the articles, on herbal high related hospital cases which I read, however should you wish to find more I’d suggest using BZP as one of your search-words.

The legal status of the piperazine family came from this factsheet about piperazine

Happy googling for more info… hope this helps.



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