obesity discrimination?

Posted by on October 25, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Please tell me, we’re not about to get obesity discrimination laws?

What next… anti-bad hair discrimination laws?

Fashion police?

This is utterly ridiculous. Personally I believe we should remove ALL discrimination laws.


Hold on… before you start foaming at the mouth… I’m not some Neo-Nazi freak.

My theory goes like this, having discrimination laws encourages discrimination. – (ut oh more controversy…)

It should be as wrong to hit anyone, be it because you were a racist, biggot, drunkard or whatever.

Signifying a crime as “different” on the grounds of race/color/sex/weight/fashion crimes is to subconsciously create a difference between these acts. Basic psychology shows you that this makes you more likely to perceive people as different – i.e. the very fact we have anti-discrimnation laws in place, encourages discrimination.

We’re all grown ups, lets scrap them all and treat everyone fairly… or am I just being thoughtfully provocative again???

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