forensic thinking…

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wow… um… how good was last night??!

Few gaps in my memory… trying to piece together the clues…

text messages on my phone:

1) “Woke up with a smile on my face…”
Sounds like other people had a good night

2) “Ok mate, well its here if you want it, can’t believe X said I wasn’t hot”
What is? Why was X rating you? um…

3) “Oh, I sent that txt about 20 mins ago when there was an orgy in the kitchen!”
WHAT??? (from my flatmate!) Where was I??? I know a few of us ended up here…

o…. k….

lets try sent items….

1) “Got it”
got what?

2) “I can’t believe you have it”
now I’m really confused…. as these 2 are to different people! Have I got “it” or has someone else????

and thats it… which worries me… must of deleted sent items!

Quick scout around the flat…

Plenty of empty bottles and glasses…

Found a glowstick – who had a glow stick!?

My shoes and socks are in the kitchen… um… why??

Camera evidence:
Oh no! Only 16 pics, which is the camera memory… but I took loads… flash card, gone. 🙁

Memory evidence:
1) crawling round the club on my knees looking for flash card. 🙁 please email in any pics you have.

2) Licking Dav’s ear… tongue tastes of wax. ooops.

3) Being on the floor in the burger place, someone I know pushed me off my record box… must get them back!

4) DJing near the end of the night – NO!!! I bet it was badly, sorry.

Head hurts, vision in 1 eye only at a time, might go back to bed.

Thanks to all who came out!!!! Wooooooooo!

EDIT:by some miracle, my friend found the flash card on the floor and had taken it home! 😀 woooooohoooooooooo pics in the gallery… oh dear…

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  1. Where was that lock for your record box!! Altho appreciated the toilet break later on you were right it wasnt a good idea for you to play later on!!

    Wicked night, very knackering as it was such a buzz!

    And to all disbelievers yes that was a jug of vodka redbull i was drinking all night and it wasn’t because of a lack of glasses, it was because it was ALL MINE!!

    🙂 Lets see what we can do for mine in November!! :s

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