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Posted by on August 11, 2005 in general thoughts | 2 comments

I get so many invites to join the “newest and hottest, sexiest, pant-spankingly good contact website” every week, that I always decline.

Please don’t take it personally, its just that I can’t be arsed to register and fill in my details onto hundreds of sites.. especially as I’m wary of giving anyone too much info on me without checking their privacy policy.

I’m not saying that they’re no good, some of the social networking ones are very clever and once the market has matured a little bit more… you’ll probably get an invite from me! (oh the irony)

If you want to get in contact, rest assured my mobile number has been unchanged for 9 years, if you have a Hereford address for me (IE my mums house) thats been the same my whole life!

oh yeah, any email addr you find for me probably ends up in my inbox too. (the noted exception is my old one, which is now defunct… spam-central 🙁 )

or just leave a message here! 😀

BDAY update: 73 peeps to date… Nice to see some of the FIRE peeps joining the guestlist… see, told you there’d be famous people in the VIP bar too! 😀


  1. Mucho messiness, will it get as bad as our legendry house parties!! Well with the caliber of people on the list i think we can almost take bets on it!! 😉

  2. er ahem ahem ahem WE are the famous people not the Fire invisibles 😉 xx

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