late night thoughts

Posted by on August 5, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I’m not sure if I read this and its just popped into my head, or if I just made it up:

Vision without action is a daydream

Action without vision is a nightmare.


It’s easy to have 1, both is tricky. The state of mind that dreams up ideas, goals and visions isn’t normally the best to then get those things done.

Being stuck in a hectic state of mind, working at full tilt on… “stuff” leaves you no space to think, plan or dream.

The balance comes from having the ideas, developing them into realistic chunks and taking action… again and again until real powerful momentum grows.

If you set that goal and then say “I’ll start it tommorow”, you’ve lost it.

I’m feeling more n more inspired as this new chapter in life unfolds… world domination, here I come! 😀

(ps expect to see a… almost… fully functioning positive link launched monday)

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