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So it looks like one of my disturbed stalkers from a few years back is around again… had a picture that was similar to other things she sent before and the words “I have got you in my sights…” hmmmm.

Then the next day a rather odd recording sent via txt (well data messaging) from the same number, with the most disturbing laughter… that does sound a lot like her.


Hopefully that’ll be it, see the main trick is not to respond and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t found this site so this doesn’t count!

You know what… I’m still not going to change my mobile number, its been with me for 9 years now and some deranged bint aint going to change that!

I don’t get the stalking thing, there are only 2 ex’s I’m not still friends with… this one (for obvious reasons!) and one who, well, ummm, needs to grow up.

As an adult, if it’s over, deal with it and move on. Life’s too short to hold grudges and be bitter, what does it achieve anyway? Often you have mutual friends and things, so why make their lives akward.

Yeah, sometimes you need space to get over it, sure, but that friendship you had can still be there.


PS we’ve hit 30+ on the Bday bash… keep ‘m coming kids! 😀


  1. Can you add Katy and Rachelplease. Better put Tracey and Ben on as well. They might rock up later.


  2. Dont think that comment was meant for this bit!!

    Luke mate is this the strange stalker that unfortunately myself and vicky set you up with or the one previous!?

    Well all i can say is, admiration comes in many strange forms!! ;]

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