Religious beliefs

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If I visit a country abroad, I feel rude if I’ve not even tried to learn a bit of the language.

To go somewhere and assume that they will understand your language, I think is a tad arrogant.

So I find myself pondering, (thanks to the ever so slightly provocative thinkings of Shane) Why would anyone live in a country they hated?

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Now I respect everyones religion, I honestly do, I personally might not agree with them but I think they’re welcome to believe in whatever they choose. (within certain boundaries of course)

When Omar Bakri Mohammed said on BBC news last night, he would not co-operate with the government in any way if he knew of an impending terror attack planned against the UK I feel confused.

He’s Syrian and clearly holds no regard or respect for the UK. Why would you live in a country that you so strongly oppose? Everything from its ideals, politics and people??

I hope that no-one reads this as some form of racist propoganda, I’ve tried to reference every source for you to make your own conclusions.

For once, I’m not going to put my full thoughts online. Make up your own minds about this man.

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