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I think we should start a new war.

Controversial eh?

A war on pikeys.

Stuff the war on terror, I’m beginning to think that Chavs/pikeys/townies, call ’em what you will are the root of all of this countries problems… lets examine the evidence shall we?

“Loyalist troubles in Northern Ireland”
– I watched the footage and you know what, I saw hoodies, tracksuits, white trainers and even burberry! Check the news yourself if you don’t believe me, I’m reckoning there was a loyalist presence and then pikeys came along n started throwing stuff at the police.

“ethnic attacks in the UK”
– reports of attacks on Mosques around the Uk centred… where? in predominanatly pikey areas!

Let me see, who is most likely to victimise people who look slightly different or have different religious views… thereby marginalising those people and leaving them open to indoctrination and radical philosophy… oh look… pikeys, AGAIN!

Welfare state getting to big… um, pikeys breeding…

Binge drinking
, let me see… upper class eton-ites? no.. silly me, pikey mcpikerson again!

School kids causing carnage at night, drinking, smoking and being antisocial… oh look its Chav Jones and his girlfriend Vicky Pollard.

Stuff political correctness, I want to ethnic cleanse the UK of these muppets!

Although I am joking, there is a serious point in there somewhere… 😀

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  1. Quite agree. http://www.chavscum.co.uk needs to be advertised widely….

    and I am getting some of those “Von Chav” T-shirts made!

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