Strippers and Contradictions

Posted by on July 4, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I think sometimes, maybe I’m odd.

See, most of the time I’m not at all shy about who I am or what I look like and I have a great deal of respect for those girls who are confident enough to dance for money. (If there was a way I could earn that much money by being almost naked… hell yeah, i’d do it! – whether anyone would pay to watch is not open for discussion today!!)

Having worked in clubland for years I’ve known quite a few dancers, I went out with 1 for starters. I went on holiday with a group including 4 dancers to Greece a few years back, without exception all of them I’ve ever spoken to said they’d gained a great amount of money and confidence.

So why do I feel uncomfortable with it?
I can hardly say it demeans women when I know they love doing it, they earn loads and they get a lot out of it!

Does it objectify women?
Probably, although is it wrong to admire a thing of beauty for money, when it offers itself to you on those terms??

Damn, I was hoping I could work out what it is that doesn’t sit right with me about it all.. ah well.

If you want to spend your money watching a beautiful lady dance for your amusement, you do so, I’d think no less of you at all.

Personally though, no ta… got better things to spend my money on.

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