my olympic skill

Posted by on July 1, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I swear I could procrastinate for England… when I don’t want to do something and my will power is all used up I am the grand daddy faff master!

Bizarre really as its probably my biggest pet hate for other people.

Oooh thats very freudian isnt it? Reflection of self onto others n all that.

Damn it, now I’m wasting time on here rather than doing that thing. arse nuggets.

Right, no more sitting around watching Paramount comedy and BBC news24… finger out of bottom, engage brain… no Luke you don’t need to surf the net pointlessly for 1/2 an hour first… come on sunshine, sort it out!!!

note to self: do something… anything! doing nothing is not you, its not going to get you that Lotus… or that villa with a pool is it?!

Follow up: and when you finally do do that thing, its never as bad as you expected. Don’t forget that mr williams.

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