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ok, this is getting silly…. think about how crazy this is for a minute…

so far today I’ve communicated with clients/friends using the following methods:

  • Telephone
  • Mobile Phone
  • txt messaging
  • MSN Instant Messaging
  • this Blog
  • email
  • a forum
  • and last but not least… good old snail mail post!

Which only leaves Fax… I do have a fax number, although I can’t remember the last time anyone sent me a fax.

The reason I’m thinking about all this is that I’m looking for a new phone (see yesterdays entry for why!) and I want a decent camera (2 mega pixels at least)… which puts 3G phones on my horizon for the first time… do I want to add video messaging to my list???

Imagine if I had a business card with all these things on, how ridiculous would that look?

Luke Williams – international man of mystery
Telephone: 01202 123456
Mobile: 07973 123456
fax: 0870 123456
txt: 07973 123456
video 3G: 07947 123456
Post: Luke, 1 mystery lane, bournemouth

wow! Do I need all of these? How many hours a week do I waste checking them all for messages? (webmail, voicemail, email, forums, blog…. yikes!) It’s really made me think.

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