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Last night I got picked up at 530pm and driven to London to work at Cafe de Paris… driving back to arrive approx 530am. Ouch.

Double Ouch, I’d arranged a meeting at 11am, not expecting the return journey to be quite so late!

It’s been non stop all day till about an hour ago when I sat down to eat some fruit and relax/unwind in front of the TV for an hour, a program on egypt ended and became a DIY show (I’m not sure which, they’re all pretty much the same anyway!)

I really must learn not to watch these shows… they make such easy mindless viewing when you need to unwind (and thanks to discovery channel etc are on pretty much 24/7).

Herein lies the problem:
This would of been ok, except I’m changing tennants in 3 weeks and I’m having a week gap so I can re-decorate a couple of bits of my flat…. but now (thanks to TV) I want to knock a whole in one of my walls to maximise light into my hall!

Problem with me is, I get absorbed by these tangents and now I’m thinking I MUST do it… tapping the wall, I’m sure it could be done… ut oh… and it would allow natural light into the hall which would be good… all I’d have to do is knock it through.. build a window frame… how hard can it be???

Random quote for the day:
“Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!!”
(10 points for naming the TV show)


  1. “how hard can it be???”

    Answer: Very

  2. Which wall do you plan on knocking a hole in? Plus, as a teacher, I do have to comment on the dreadful spelling in your last message. Tiredness is no excuse fo shoddy work you know!

  3. sorry miss.

  4. Don’t do it you loon!!!

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