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aaaahhhhhhh I need a holiday!!! (thank jeeebus its only 5 weeks till spain!)

having worked about 40 hours over the weekend (5 gigs + prep… and driving about 7 hours) I was looking forward to not much in the diary… I’ll be honest I did have a good kip till midday monday and then…

ring, ping, beep… in the space of an hour I had 3 meetings on monday, a nights work at Cafe de Paris in London tonight.. a big meeting that requires a lot of prep for wed… 4 gigs booked this weekend… a load of paperwork (invoicing, chart returns.. reaction sheets…) to catch up on today… stop the world I want to get off!

feel better now I’ve vented that… ta.

Life is about balance, work/life – reacting/planning… I need to remember that.

anyway… Tony has an idea for people to suggest things, vote and then I do them… not sure what his twisted ideas his mind is festering but I’m game… comment away my friends!


  1. I think you should give up watching Smallville.

  2. I resent the phrase festering and twisted! Although they may be accurate on some occasions! You’ll be pleased to know I have nothing in my head at the moment but I am working on that… I just think it might be interesting to have someones destiny decided by public vote! In the nicest possible way as you are a friend..


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