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For ages I’ve been saying that I want to learn spanish and it occurs to me that I’m going to spain at the end of june, so, today I reminded myself of the solution to everything in life:

1) Decide exactly what you want to achieve

– to speak spanish by the time I go to spain
2) Work out what you need to do, to go from where you are now to your goal

– buy a “learn spanish” cd/book
– work a bit through the course each day to make sure its completed by spain
3) Do it! Take a step towards the goal as soon as you think about it, otherwise you’ll faff.

Today I bought “instant spanish” a 35min per day 6 week course to learn spanish, cost 15 and read the day zero.

Tommorow I will get up and begin to learn spanish.

nb: faff – verb, “to faff” meaning to procrastinate or waste time, see also faffing or faffer.

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  1. hola sr dubyah, me voy bien gracias – tu? yo puede ensenarte espanol si quieres, bella quiere aprender tambien!

    tengo algo que queria mandarte, asi que dame tu email tio

    todo mi amor, como siempre…

    (hey mr dubyah, i’m good thanks – how r u? i can help you with your spanish if you like, bella wants to learn too!

    have something i wanna forward to you so let me have your email fella

    lots of love as always

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