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nope, not about me for once.. thats an apple slogan, you know that friendly david to the microsoft goliath company… yeah you’ve heard of it, they make those iPod things you want for your birthday?

Why do so many people make out apple are so great? yeah their products look nice but they sound so elitist with their holier than pc attitude.

It’s just another big company, albeit with great branding, get over it.

1) They’re as viscious, if not more so with lawsuits (see the news about how they’re suing fan sites for leaking info a week before it was due for launch)

2) They have a strong brand/marketing plan they want you to buy into in exaclty the same way as anyone else

3) “they don’t crash/suffer any problems” – rubbish. I’ve supported mac os in jobs before, they crash as much as any other platform. Another reason for this is that the users are more clued up anyway!

4) “you don’t get viruses” Virus attacks are less common, purely because there are more pc users to attack, not because the mac itself is any better!

5) “Owning a mac is like standing up against big corporates” – how big is apple? If you really believed this you’d own a linux workstation not a mac.

yeah, they do make nice looking gadgets but I can’t help but feel the fanatisicm is mis-guided.

spring thought for today: don’t believe the hype


  1. but they’re lovely…

    …and gadgety…


    sorry, i am clearly hype-sensitive positive, brand me to the core now….

  2. Hola senor Domino! Que tal? 😀

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