Human Rights?

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I read today that the Conservative party is planning on scrapping the human rights act if they cant overhaul it… they’re using that as a selling point to their campaign??? Jeeebus

Whilst I agree that, aspects of it are being mis-used by some convicted criminals, I still believe those people have right like, fair trials.

One of the exmples they (the tories) are giving as “wrong” is of convicted rapist Rupert Massey who was awarded compensation of 6000 because of the length of time it took his case to go through court.

He deserved a fair, timely trial. If the court ruled he didn’t get that, there should be some form of correction, wether compensation is fair, I’m not sure.

if you stood trial for a crime and it took a year to clear your name, no one would argue you had a right to compensation… should this be any different for someone who is then eventually convicted?

Another was the case of a young man who appealed against an ASBO banning him from a local village, his appeal failed and he’s taking the case to the Court of Appeal (the tories main gripe being “at tax payers expense!”)

The human rights act, has not been tested against the use of ASBO’s so this is a precedence setting case, hardly fair justice if this individual had to make this case on his own.

I think he has the right to appeal and I’m confident he will lose the case, that doesnt stop him having the right to make that appeal.

My main worry in all of this is that the UK’s going to follow america, Blair and his closet-neo-conservative-labour party (stop copying george the monkey, you used to be an ok bloke tony) are increasingly similar to the conservatives… whos only campaigning seems to be old school trying to score points in debates rather than presenting a real alternative…

this leaves us with…

Lib dem, can they be the “real” alternative as their new campaign suggests?

or maybe Mr Kilroy Silk, who is the only politician who’s said anything I 100% agree with so far this year “people need a new political opposition”

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