Luke 1.3 – the basics

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Lets start at the begining shall we…

A blog… WHY??

Well, I decided to start this blog for 2 reasons:

1) I wanted a place online to easily vent some of things that bounce around my head.

2) To help accelerate my personal development, you see, I’m on a mission to make more of my life and it had stalled… I’m writing this blog so that I can track how I’m getting on now, no matter where I am.

the basics

Name: Luke
Age: 28
Likes: music, going out, reading (psychology and things that make me think) and the great outdoors esp. the beach near my flat!
Dislikes: people that don’t understand what subjective means
Profession: Good question!! erm… you choose one: Club/Radio DJ + Producer, Entrepeneur, Life Coach and general random consultant/freelancer… more on this later!

anything you wanna know? ask

for now, Au Revoir!


  1. Also missed the comment of ‘closet stud’ just need a bit more coaching!!

  2. at the moment I’m not sure I’d agree with “closet stud” I’d go for something like: “handcuffed like houdini… hidden in a sack, tied at the top, in a chest with a lock, in a closet stud”… 🙂

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