sick and sad

sick and sad

Yay… I’ve got Salmonella! Lucky me… the first set of tests came back today and the reason for my illness has revealed itself. It gets better… I’ve likely got a secondary condition from the Salmonella which explains my continued lack of energy and aching joints… tests from that, due Thursday.


The even better part of this is… I’m under strict orders to do nothing for the next 10 days while i take another 2 sets of tablets and I have to be extra careful to wash my hands n stuff (which I do anyway) in case I infect those around me.


Its gonna be a tight Christmas, my insurance only covers terminal type illnesses so I’m going to have to muddle through on limited funds and bits of web design… no gigs, which is a big earner for me over this time of year.

Feeling sorry for myself now, sorry its not a happier post.

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signs of recovery

I’m alive! Well… significantly on the mend anyways…

the main indicator for this is… I had a shave.

Not really sure why, but when I’m ill I stop shaving.. like its some big protest against the world or just can’t be arsed really!

I’m going to do the show tonight, which means… I’m venturing outside the safety of my own home! First expedition, to the shop to get a maison ticket, last ever maison this weekend :-( no matter how ill I am i’ll go for at least 30mins… so many memories.

2nd trip, a bit further to the po box… then 3rd trip the radio station! Oooh buses…

Can’t wait to eat proper food again, been a bit more adventurous today with… a plain grilled turkey breast, rice and a tiny amount of dried apricots sliced up – heaven compared to the liquid n plain stuff diet I have been on :-)

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Apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been quite sick.

I’ve been to the doctor, have some drugs to take and hopefully I’ll be all better soon.

UPDATE – starting to do my own nut in, if you fancy dropping in and helping save my sanity txt me

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