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Enough already!

Why does the Madeleine story get so much damned attention? There are tons of missing children all over the world, some used as child soldiers, some sold into slavery and prostitution… why then does this one attract so much attention?

Hmmm, I guess you have to admire the attitude of the McCanns to do all they can to try and find their daughter. The naming of Kate McCann as a suspect is an interesting twist, sure, a good one at that for the conspiracy nuts and tabloid hype machines – watch how quickly they turn into public enemy number 1 if they get charged.

I cant help but think its like the whole lopsided Paedophile fear, most attacks are by people already known to the family, yet they receive negligible hype/attention compared to the boo hiss evil stranger danger.


Its harsh I know but in my mind its all tied to a diminishing parental responsibility, look at all the unruly kids being paraded on TV with parents dismissing their responsibility to discipline them. “If 2 teachers can’t discipline my boy, its not right to fine me” said one mother on BBC tv last week… what? How the hell is it anyone elses fault if her 6 year old kid has discipline issues!?

Don’t even get my started on fat kids, sheeeesh… UK = “here be monsters”

OK, so now I know I’m getting old… add this to the “more types of tea than alcohol in my cupboard” symptom and its all downhill from here! haha.



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